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We reach the next milestone in our corporate history. Not only do we provide servers and install software for our clients, now we also begin to develop individual software based on client specifications and to optimise existing software.
Here’s a small anecdote related to this: A client called us and complained about their rented server being “too slow”. They would not accept any of our assertions that this would have to be due to the software used. Thus, we made a proposal. We would optimise the software used. Should the server still be overloaded or “too slow” afterwards, we would not charge the client for our services. However, should our work lead to an improvement, the client would pay our usual rates.
After about 3 weeks of optimisation, the work was done: the previously overloaded server was now anything but overloaded and the client was able to use the optimised software on the server fourfold, without the server displaying any signs of being critically overworked.