Shopware Enterprise Edition Meets the Highest eCommerce Requirements

If you are after the best, successful eCommerce is possible with the Shopware Enterprise Edition.

Umsetzung von Shopware Enterprise Projekten

Shopware Enterprise – the efficient and agile eCommerce platform for your business model

With the Shopware Enterprise platform, you can easily display B2B and B2C business processes in one system solution. Thanks to the modular design of the software, classic eCommerce requirements as well as specific, channel-spanning sales solutions can be implemented.

Why are we offering Shopware to our clients?

We’re going to have to travel back in time a bit to explain this.  

Over the course of many years we have been able to gain experience with various eCommerce systems. Starting in the early 2000s with osCommerce and phpAuction, we have also worked with enterprise systems such as the Hybris eCommerce platform and Intershop.

Further, we supply customers with search and suggestion solutions on redundant high-speed systems. Over the past 20 years, we have also been able to experience some of the pros and cons of different shop systems.  

Anyway, back to „Why we think that Shopware is the ideal eCommerce platform”.

The decision to go with Shopware as the main system offered by us was driven by several factors. For example, Shopware is a German product, developed by the self-funded Shopware AG (corporation). This means that us as well as our clients can enjoy a certain amount of security and predictability.
Another reason is that Shopware is close to the market and can react to specific demands of the market more quickly and efficiently. One of the most important reasons, however, is the fact that even Shopware’s licenced versions are open source, and all plug-ins are currently required to be open source too. This means that none of their code is encrypted.

This is an extremely important point, especially for us as an agency who see customer support and satisfaction as our top priority.

Here’s a fictional example to illustrate why this point especially is so important for us:
In a shop, a new payment provider is to be introduced and the customer has forgotten to let us as a supervising agency know in advance that the contract with the previous payment provider has been terminated.
In the staging system, the new provider’s plugin is installed, but there is a problem with it. Of course, we now have the option to contact the payment provider’s customer support and wait for an update. However, our customer needs to quickly integrate the new payment provider and cannot afford to wait for the payment provider to get back to them. Thanks Shopware’s open source nature, we have the opportunity to quickly find and eliminate the cause of the problem and our customer’s web shop can go live with the new payment provider as planned.

What sets the Shopware Enterprise Edition apart?


Even the standard Enterprise Edition offers a comprehensive range of functions and an unbeatable TCO when directly comparing the market. Thanks to its modular architecture, the cost of implementation can also be minimize.


With Shopware Enterprise you can purchase a sophisticated solution that can be implemented in an extremely short amount of time. Thus, many business models can already be built from just the standard version, which greatly reduces the project duration and thus the cost of the project.


The Shopware Enterprise system architecture is designed for highest performance requirements and highly scalable. Thus, your eCommerce solution can grow along with your success. The shop system allows for a high degree of customization in order to implement even very complex eCommerce projects in a stable manner.


Shopware will always be a strong partner by your side. Enterprise customers enjoy personal support from us throughout the entire duration of the project. Additionally, you may draw on our comprehensive network of affiliate partners.


The Framework for your B2B business model 


Your digital sales via an extensive distribution network


Digital B2C trading for an affiliate network of sellers 


The powerful search engine for your Enterprise project 


Ideal management of complex pricing models 


Central organization for your eCommerce projects