Cluster Systems

HQ GmbH is your proficient partner for conceptualising, developing, implementing and operation of your load balancing, high-availability or high-performance cluster.


Benefit from our many years of experience in the individual development of cluster systems.

Load-Balancing Cluster​

Load balancing clusters are built onto multiple servers for the purpose of load balancing when high performance and availability are required. The load distribution usually takes place via a redundantly designed, central instance (load balancer).
Load-balancing clusters are often used for web applications because they combine the benefits of high-availability and high-performance clusters (in the event of failure on one node, this node is automatically disabled and all requests are distributed to the remaining nodes; at the same time, there is a – controllable – load distribution onto all active nodes). An increasing demand for power can be accommodated due to the dynamic, failure-free addition of extra nodes (servers).

High-Availability Cluster

Modern servers consist of a variety of components, which they require for permanent operation in 24-hour mode. Should a power supply unit, the main memory or hard drives fail, you are likely to experience significant downtime. In the worst case, this could even endanger your production processes. 
By using redundant cluster systems, you can prevent such situations from happening. High-availability cluster systems intercept potential failures, because in the case of a hardware failure the remaining servers are able to take over all the services of the disturbed server.
Our high-availability solutions can be integrated seamlessly into your existing IT structures and business processes. 

High-Performance Cluster

High-performance cluster are used to reprocess those computations that are distributed across several nodes. The distribution of computations (jobs) is done via a job management system.