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Development of an intelligent store finder and redundant operation

Entwicklung und redundates Hosting des Betty Barclay Storefinders

Development of the new store finder for Betty Barclay

For customers, an up-to-date and well-functioning store finder is key for actually visiting a store.  Customers want to know which store is closest to them and how they can best get there.  

For this reason, we have optimized the Betty Barclay store finder in many ways, so that customers may benefit from enhanced comfort. 

In this context, one of the most important challenges is to make the process as simple as possible for the business. For us, the best solution thus was an automatization of the existing process.  

New stores are recognized and added automatically 

As soon as the client adds a new store in their (Enterprise Ressource Planning), this store is automatically integrated into the store finder. A time-consuming manual input is thus made redundant.  

Recognition of duplicates 

The system automatically checks whether the new address is a duplicate. This way, it is ensured that no store is added multiple times.  

Automatic recognition of changes to addresses

If an address is changed, for example due to renaming of a street or a store moving, this new address is also additionally integrated into the store finder. 

Determination of coordinates

In order for the shop to be copied over automatically and displayed correctly, the system recognizes all necessary coordinates and adopts them. 

Automatic recognition of location and display of a nearby store 

More and more internet user access to web through mobile devices. For example, if they are out and about in the city centre and decide to look up a specific search term, they want to be shown the perfect result as quickly as possible. We have integrated a location recognition service. This means that the person searching will be told immediately where to find the nearest Betty Barclay store so that they can go there immediately. Of course, this also works on PC, in case users would like to search from home.  D

Suggestion function when searching from the first letter 

If the user enters a search term, this handy function leads to all stores relevant to them being displayed. For example, if they enter a number, all relevant post codes are displayed immediately. If they enter letters instead, all relevant place and store names are returned. For example, if they enter an “M”, the following search results may be displayed: “Munich” or “Modehaus + name”.  

Shop development: Increase of the website’s user friendliness

The users’ enjoyment has become one of Google’s most important ranking factors in recent years. Therefore, we have made increasing user enjoyment in the Betty Barclay store finder a specific goal.

Automatic creation of landing pages 

The relevant landing page for each store is automatically created, so that, again, no manual input is required. 

Filter by brand and category

In order for customers to be able to get to where they want even quicker, and to be shown only the products they really want to see, we have adapted the filter function accordingly. Users can now filter by category or brand.  

Adaptation of the display order following a system of priorities 

In order to further support the visitors of the website, we have made some changes in regards to the order of displayed products.   A system of priorities was implemented. Betty Barclay asked that some stores or large-scale customers be assigned a higher priority and to be displayed closer to the top even if the search was location dependent. 

Further adaptations of the 
Betty Barclay store finder

To further simplify the internal processes, we have also made the following adjustments: grouping of a company’s stores, export function for example for Google My Business, redundant hosting of the store finder and suggestion

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