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Planning, development, migration

Relaunch of the shop system

A modern shop system is not only important for the customer, but also for the entrepreneur. It ensures satisfied shop visitors and a regulated, simplified process for the shop owner.

Due to our excellent collaboration when moving the old shop system to one of our redundant cluster systems, and the further support with the old shop system, we were tasked with the relaunch and the migration of the shop system.
At HQ GmbH, we carried out a migration of the old XTCommerce system to a new shop ware system (Shopware Professional Plus Edition) and developed numerous individual plug ins for the customer.

Our work was made up of the following steps:  

Establishment of a modern Shopware system with individually developed plug ins is one of the leading online traders of fireplaces, chimneys, BBQs and outdoor products. We established a modern Shopware system. In order for the customers to be able to use this system to their desires, we also developed several individual plug ins, which make the process of running the online shop a lot easier for visitors as well as entrepreneurs.  

Import from the old shop system 

All customer data, contents and products were imported  into the new shop system, so that the customer may continue to access all data without any losses.

Saving files in the Shopware standard 

For the new system to work professionally with all the new files, we have read the product characteristics out of the text,  standardized spellings, and extracted pictures from the existing product texts. These files were then copied into the Shopware database- and file system structure. 

Renewing URLs

For all products to be able to be accessed via the new system, we determined the old URLs and saved them together with the new articles. The customer as well as for example Google can now continue to find the product via the old URL due to an automatic redirection.  

Development of a PRG plug in 

This plug in enables to mask links in order to optimally use the link juice and crawl budget. 

Expansion of the Shopware shopping environments

We have vastly extended the great Shopware shopping environment function by a plug in developed by us.
This way, the client is now also able to use this shopping environment for product listing within the categories, and does not have to add each product manually. Of course, this manual addition is also still possible.  

Additionally, the customer has the option of sorting by stock, rating, last edit, delivery time, price, sales, manufacturers, titles, etc. The advantages for the customer are the transformation of the article listing to an exciting experience for the visitors, because there is the possibility to optimally enhance article listing with content, pictures, videos and advertising elements. This also improves the ranking by mixing content, images and products.

CSV product management

With our plug ins, the client is able to import Excel and CSV lists and to fully benefit from complete product management.  A fully automatized generation of variants or custom products templates as well as updating existing articles is possible. 

Performance optimization

We carried out several performance optimizations for customers in Shopware. This began with the Lazyload, the time-delayed loading of external resources, the automatic optimization and transformation of graphics into modern formats and the optimization of SQL requests.
Additionally, we outsourced JavaScripts so that they can be cached as well. In addition, a caching server (Redis) was integrated to increase performance and Elasticsearch was integrated for a high-performance search function in the front and backend.

Additional extension of the Shopware system 

As part of the modernization process, we have also made the following extensions:

Development of custom mail

E-Mails are automatically sent to customers if their order fulfil certain criteria.  

Development of automatic sales allocations  

Products with discounts are automatically added to the sales category. 

Creation of FAQ

All questions and answers regarding a product are displayed on the product detail page. 

Setting up dynamic quick filters

We have developed quick filters for the most commonly used product property filters within a category, so that shop visitors can reach their destination faster. 

Setting up a shipping cost calculator 

We have developed a shipping cost calculator for individual products and integrated it into the product details page so that shipping costs can be determined automatically. 

Further individual adaptations of the Shopware system:

  • From-to filters for product measurements 
  • Display of the top categories and manufacturers per main category within the menu  
  • Management of accessory items within accessory groups as well as their automatic assignments
  • Assigning groups instead of individual products
  • Individual calculation of accessory price independent of the superordinate product 
  • Automatically integrate Trusted Shops and Google ratings only when they are needed or as soon as the order is placed.  
From the beginning, our focus was on developing a performant online shop which, despite an intricate design and various extensions and integrated external sources, would run quickly and steadily. Thanks to our development and the comprehensive optimizations, the finished online shop achieved a Pagescore of 100 (desktop) and 85-90 (mobile; these values refer to the evaluation at the end of our optimizations, but may change dependant on the configuration of the shopping environments, the number of products, the pictures and new external doe integrations).  Despite the various individual developments, we have completely retained Shopware’s update functionality, so that the running costs remain minimal for the customer.

About us:

As a certified Shopware Agency, HQ GmbH do a lot of things for you. For example: professional development, migration and relaunch using the Shopware CE, Professional, Professional Plus and Enterprise Edition.
Additionally, we offer the implementation of staging systems, the development of eCommerce and the operation of shop systems and search solutions for your business.