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HQ GmbH develops the smart OnSite technology converify.de.
This intelligent software recognises when a user is inactive or is about to leave the site without a conversion.The particular challenge with this project was to create a solution different from the available technologies on the market, which enables individualised solutions for an increase in conversion rates via the integration of just one line of code.This way, converify.de offers numerous advantages for customers, as they are able to select from a variety of options and is not restricted to a simple recognition of an abandonment or the sending of a shopping cart.
Additionally, the system was developed to be able to flexibly react to future demands.


Yet another milestone for our corporate history. We rent out, maintain and supervise 200 servers for our clients.


Our growth and our consistent focus on quality and customer satisfaction is mirrored by the trust placed in our business.

We receive our first commission for the public sector: a consulting contract from the District Office of Greiz for the implementation of a feasibility study for a training portal in which the IHK, the Employment Agency and the Chamber of Crafts are involved.
Due to our professional work during our first commission, we subsequently also receive a contract for the development of a training portal using our search solutions. This means that the websites of our affiliated partners are crawled by our search solutions and the results are centrally summarised and displayed within the training portal.


Due to our continuous growth, it is necessary to build a car park for our numerous new employees. At the same time, we decide to have the entrance area with its leaded windows and the heritage protected doors refurbished by a conservator. Hereby, the intended contrast of highly modern and historical is reinforced even further.


It did not take long for us to extend out office space. Due to the continued very good development and the associated new employees, we have to extend our office space to 240 square meters to begin with.


Due to how the market is developing, a trading platform for online advertising is created parallel to the ad serving system. This enables high-speed transactions between advertisers and publishers.
We are able to acquire schlafplatz.de as a pilot customer, who supports our developments enthusiastically through their knowledge of online marketing.
Within just 3 months we have developed an executable first version of the system which uses the high-availability structures of adNET.de via the API connection recently acquired for this purpose.


Due to continued growth, the HQ Professional Services GmbH is founded, which is concerned mainly with large clients and intercompany transactions.The HQ Professional Services GmbH is situated in the same building, so that both business can benefit from each other’s experiences right away and thus be able to look after their clients even better.


The basis for further growth is created. Since there is not enough space in the Jena office, we began to look for a suitable location for an office.
We find it in Auma-Weidatal, inside an old art nouveau villa.
This building is renovated with respect for its heritage-protected status and towards the end of 2006 we are already able to move into our new, 120 square meter office space. Of course we have potential future growth in mind, and so the office offers the possibility of being extended to a size of up to 380 square meters.


Due to permanent and continuous strong growth, the HQ GmbH (HQ Ltd.) was founded.


Launch of the ad serving platform adNET.de.
At first intended for the delivery of up to 10 million impressions per day. From the very beginning, the software was developed by us so that we could scale it to our desire dynamically and within a couple of hours.
The system was installed on a redundant, high-performance cluster system with a direct uplink and an internal Gbit connection between servers.